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Better late than never...

Four years late, but what the hell: the 2007 relaunch of seems to be going live this weekend in mid-2011. Celebrate with me!

new interview for canned goods webzine

jon from canned goods asked me a few interesting questions about the life of a graffiti writer and designer and about the history of 3d regarding my style... read it here in the interviews section.

27 Addicts: a graffiti/design experiment

27 ADDICTS is the documentation of the project ADDICTED TO GESTALTUNG: an experiment which is aiming for the point of intersection between graffiti and graphic design, as well as graffiti writing and computer-based design. featured

my recent project is one of two featured links in the current newsletter from designerinaction. that's SO cool! yay! on YouTube

I just uploaded all the making-of videos from this site to YouTube, so you can now watch them without the need to install Quicktime 7... and it's that much easier to share them as you like. on MySpace

And for the sheer fun of it I just created my own MySpace page. If you're on MySpace, add me to your favorites, or even to your friends.

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