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This Website is the online portfolio of graphic designer (by day) and graffiti artist (by... uh... also by day, actually) Neck of the CNSkillz crew from Germany.

I started out painting pretty classic graffiti styles back in 1989. Then I honed my skills on the emerging 3dimensional letters. There was the fascination, there was the next big thing, kind of a revolution to be taken part in. And so I did.

I found that graffiti had become my main interest, so I studied communicational design as a consequence and ended up being a fulltime designer. The result? My graffiti art looks like done by a designer, and my designs definitely still have that graffiti feeling to them.


Better late than never...

Four years late, but what the hell: the 2007 relaunch of seems to be going live this weekend in...

new interview for canned goods webzine

jon from canned goods asked me a few interesting questions about the life of a graffiti writer and designer and...

27 Addicts: a graffiti/design experiment

27 ADDICTS is the documentation of the project ADDICTED TO GESTALTUNG: an experiment which is aiming for the point of... featured

my recent project is one of two featured links in the current newsletter from designerinaction. that's SO cool! yay!... on YouTube

I just uploaded all the making-of videos from this site to YouTube, so you can now watch them without the... on MySpace

And for the sheer fun of it I just created my own MySpace page. If you're on MySpace, add me...

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Canned Goods Webzine, 2008

Badorf, 1995 flint 707, pistol and erni worked with 3D lettering very early, daim and delta were advancing the style around the same time i started doing 3D end of the eighties... i feel i was one of the first of that first really serious 3D wave, even though daim and delta were already getting public attention when i finally found my style in 3D. loomit started doing perspectives some time later, really pushing the limits of what we thought was possible at the time, working with extreme camera angles and blur...

droppin bombs webzine, 2006

Use your Illusion, 2003hi, my name is oliver, I was born in 1974 and I’ve been doing graffiti since 1989. In 1995, I was one of the founding members of CNSkillz crew ( together with ate1, efas, meric, moritz, scien&klor and seak. I started out doing pretty traditional oldschool outline graffiti until I saw the first 3D styles that were coming up in germany in the beginning of the nineties. Those intrigued me and I got kinda hooked on that after doing a few experiments with the added dimension. So I went on to study communicational design from there since graffiti was the only really interesting thing to pursue. These days, I’m a graphic designer working fulltime and I’ve got way too little time to actually go out and paint much, which is pretty sad. But I get up, I do my share, so that’s all cool even though some of my styles don’t have many traditional aspects of graffiti left in them. You can find almost all of my stuff online at, if you’re interested.

arteam webzine, usa, 2004

Bunt, 1995i did not take the 'traditional' way of seeing the movies, then tagging etc... in spring of 1989 at the age of 15 a friend from school took me to a wall that was on his way to school. i was really impressed and sat there day after day, just looking at the wall and sketching the pieces that were there (CHIP, CEMNOZ, NEON and some more which i forget).

aerosolart webzine, italy, 2004

Cool Shit, 1995I write Neck and represent CNSkillz crew. I did my first piece in 1989. In 1995, I moved to düsseldorf for studying, met meric, moritz and efas. Together we founded cnskillz crew. And then things moved upwards from there on, jams and pieces all over the world, magazine recognition, a little fame. A short crew history can be found on the history section of our website,, plus a lot of pieces of all crew members: ate1, efas, meric, moritz, myself, scien, klor and seak.

bite webzine, japan, 2004

Eyes, 1995I was standing in front of this wall on my way to school and was hooked. I returned there often just to stare at it. It emanated some kind of trapped energy, a feeling of speed standing still. Something grabbed me and didn't let go. I started sketching the pieces that were on the wall and after a while, started sketching my own. I think the general fascination comes from the possibility of having that captivating effect on someone else, with my work. To be able to fascinate people with something I created.

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