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Interview conducted by 2def and Kez. (15th of August 1999)

Yo-Yo-Yo! Finally putting this damn exclusive interview with Oliver, the man himself .. - Neck of the Checkin Nuh Skillz Crew -. Damage & 2def in association with Reykjavik City and Fonn flew this guy over from Germany to paint a big project with Icelands finest. After an eventful weekend (13-15 August 1999) we sat down at a local cafe and asked him some questions along with with the traditional sketch exchange.

Thanks for everything Oliver!

Where, why and when did you start painting ? Munich, I did a piece for my girlfriend's birthday in December 1989.

Describe your style + development ? Simple, tight, fast, tasteful (?!?). I started out 2d until someday I had this idea on how to construct a 3d style and I tried it out in early 1995. I did 2 of those and then went back to outlines. Mid-1996 I grew interested in 3d again and started working on the concept I had tried earlier. All the letters were seperate for a long time, and someday I found out how to connect them to each other. Since then I've been "finetuning" my style, trying to give it more speed and depth.

What do you think about the scene here ? Amazing. The quality I saw is really something special for a scene as young as this one. I'm impressed.

You told us that the style you did was the largest you had done ? Whats the usual size ? I try to do small stuff cos it's a challange and it saves paint. Size varies between 1 x 1/2 meters and maybe 2.5 x 1 meters. Well, a little bigger maybe. But this one was like 6 x 3 m .. and that's HUGE for me!

Where have you painted before and who do you mostly paint with ? I mostly paint witht he crew and personal friends, plus people who visit us. (Not that the visitors aren't personal friends as well). Where ? All over Germany, plus Holland, Belgium, France, Austria and Croatia. Iceland now as well. :)

Have you ever been involved in Streetbombing / Trainbombing ? "NECK" never did an illegal piece. That's all I can say, really. You probably know what I'm saying.

In your opinion: What makes graffiti, graffiti? Individuality. Expressing your skills and creativity. STYLE. Nothing else. Not the surface (Train wall canvas). Not the technique (special caps, tape, stencils). Just your own style, no matter how you bring it into being.

How is graffiti going to survive time ? People will always strive for recognition and respect, so I think they will always keep writing their names. Maybe graffiti will 'fall asleep' somewhere but I'm sure it will eventually resurface in a later generation.

Do you have a favorite writer ? No. Yes. No! Not one favorite writer. There are a lot of people out there that impress me, and a smaller number that influence me. But I couldn't name them all here, so I'm not naming anyone.

Are you going to be painting in 10 years ? I hope so! I'm seeing myself doing maybe a piece a year when I'm forty or something. Graffiti gave so much to my life, I hope it's never going to leave completely.

Any last words for the Icelandic writers? Keep doing and developing your own stuff, be true to yourself. And if possible, wear a gas mask when painting, even outside.

This article is © 1999 by 2def Webzine, Iceland and O.Gelbrich / NeckCNS. Please ask permission before using this in any way.

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