wins if communcation design award

i just received the mail that this year's jury considered worth an if communcation design award!

for over fifty years if industrie forum design e.v. has had its roots at the hannover exhibition center. launched in 1953 as the "special show for well-designed industrial goods", this registered association - as indicated by the german abbreviation "e.v." - was expanded in 2001 to include a new operating arm: if international forum design gmbh. this organization is now responsible for all if business areas - above all for staging the renowned if award competitions.

as an independent institution if exercises a decisive mediating role between design and industry, fulfilling this function for many years now in an objective and reputable manner. this special capacity allows if to make a significant contribution to the success of design services in an economic context as well as enhancing public awareness of the importance of design. wins if communcation design award

Finally! Case-modding for your laptop with designs by is now possible, thanks to laptop skins are professionally designed vinyl "stickers" that make your laptop unique. Do you want to be different, stand out from the crowd? these laptop skin designs by make your laptop unique.

I selected 9 of my very favourite graffiti pieces for reproduction on a laptop skin. there is also a collection of my vector art and of my sodastream series available, as well as the depth styles collection that you may know from my earlier iPod-skin designs. They look stunning when applied to your laptop case, and they are made to measure for your computer: no matter which make, model or size. check out the available selection now! the skins sell for only €19.95 (about US$25)!

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